Are you a Gamer?

We’re always looking for great and exciting ways to help children in need through our roots in the video game community. If you’re a gamer, and want to help our charity, consider joining one of our digital competitions, marathons or even going lone wolf and promoting Co-op Vision through your channel.

In the past, we’ve had great success working with gamers on YouTube, Twitch, Steam and other community focused platforms on spreading the word. Have an idea how to couple games with charity? please let us know!

Are you a Gamer with their own YouTube Channel? We’d love to connect with you and help sponsor some of your videos to spread the word about our charity. Also consider joining one of our gaming competitions to help raise money for charity.
Are you a Gamer with a custom Twitch Channel? We’d love to connect with you and help spread awareness during one of our gaming marathons. We’ve also been completely humbled by the twitch community in wanting to play games for our charity.
Are you a redditor? Check out some of our special reddit-only charity awareness campaigns where gaming can help our children in need.
Through our partnership with DigitalGameSales, we launched our own video game online store to help gamers save money on their favorite games & gift cards, while also providing 100% of the sale to benefit our charity.
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