New website launched

By Ryan in News

September 25, 2017

We're pleased to announce that after months of work our new website is now live. Along with our new website are our new branding colors and materials which are being circulated to hospitals in our network.

Over the past 16 months we've grown from supporting 1 hospital to 39 in our network. With this growth, we're also getting ready to launch our online game store, which has been through a partnership with DigitalGameSales and Nexway. We're absolutely excited about what 2017 has for us, and we can't wait to expand our network.

With the news, I'm also pleased to announce that we now have a team of 10 volunteers working to bring happiness to children all across our network. We're always looking for more, and you can learn more by going to our Get Involved pages for (gamers) and (volunteers)