Our Partners

Co-op Vision is proud to work with our sponsors, as they have been extremely helpful in growing our community and helping thousands of children benefit from our program services.

Google Partner
With Google's help we've been able to reach more children thanks to their Adword campaigns, and reduce our web operating costs with their donated technology and services.
PayPal Partner
With PayPal we've been able to take in more donations while reducing our payment costs. In addition, PayPal has also helped us reach an international audience through the Ebay Giving Works program.
uPrinting Partner
Uprinting has been instrumental with helping us reduce our printing costs on our charity brand marketing materials. They have also been helpful with graphic design assistance when needed.
DGS Partner
DigitalGameSales has allowed us to open up an online store stocked with hundreds of video games and gift cards to help raise money for our charity. It is with their help and expertise that we can reach more donors across the world and increase our network reach.
99designs Partner
We are extremely thankful to 99designs for their donated services which helped us in designing a new website, logo and marketing materials without cost to our charity.
Box Partner
Box has supplied our charity with a free upgraded uaccount to help store our marketing materials and web files across our volunteer network. Now members can easily access our content in a collaborated manner.
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